On Edge [v0.2.5]

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On Edge is an adult game where you play as Debbie, a talented young biologist who, despite her youth, is already somewhat famous for making advances towards solving Eleria’s famine problem. For her final assignment, she decides to travel back to the village she grew up in, and find out what went wrong. However, a mysterious package awaits at her door… it looks alien, but what does it do?

Developer: Onedge – SubscribeStarKo-fi
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.5
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Female Protagonist, Big Tits, Dilf, Ugly Bastard, Handjob, Rpg, Sandbox, Management, Teasing, Gloryhole, Oral Sex, prostitution

Extract and run


  • Market Area added (Destroyed & Repaired variations)
  • Created the milk stall image handling system
  • Scenes added:

market repair scene
3x milkstall scenes
1x repeat milkstall scene
2x supafrinz scenes (1 short and 1 longer)

  • Reworked the image showing system so that it doesn’t misplace images (that’s a huge subject but I’m summarizing it here)
  • Made the image loading to wait until most (if not all) images are loaded (so that it doesn’t show images one by one)
  • Lowered the cache limit to avoid freezes
  • Added cheats and made them available to everyone (for now) (Config -> cheats)
  • Fixed a ton of bugs (as always, some may leak)
  • Added a modding system (tutorial in-game in Config) for gloryhole clothing
  • Altered the window skin
  • Altered the window to display 3 lines of text but cover the entire width of the screen
  • Added SFX in by Pixie Willow (currently mostly at the milk-stall scenes, more to come!)
  • Worked on many things in the background for the future (as shown in progress reports)

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