Heads Will Roll [Final]

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Heads Will Roll lets the player to take a role of an ordinary medieval soldier who finds himself in the middle of the legendary Hundred Years War between the kings of England and France. You start your way as a simple footman, whose sole ambition is to survive, but with proper skill and cunning or through blood and preservation, you might soon see yourself becoming one of the most famous knights of your time.​

Developer: 1917 Studios – Steam
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, combat, male protagonist, sandbox, management, groping, fantasy, adventure, big tits, dating sim, romance

Extract and run

Update 1.3 is live!

Our biggest patch yet.

Hello guys!
We’re glad to announce that update 1.3 is finally live. It is a little bit late but hopefully, it will be worth the wait.

So, what’s new?
1. Steam achievements.
2. Top scores board and proper score calculation at the end of each playthrough.
3. Strength is now responsible for inventory size.
4. Poison rework. Poison now can be applied to your weapon before combat. It can also be taken into combat without activation and then applied to your weapon at any moment. After it was applied an indicator above player’s weapon will show what type of poison has been used and how long will it last.
5. New types of attacks for Spears (Feint Strike) and Halberds (Leg Sweep).
6. Enemies now will spawn with and use various consumable items.
7. AI has been improved and should now be more aggressive.
8. Cecilia will now sell player crafting recipes and give some of them for free.
9. Sheriff’s model has been reworked.
10. “Death and taxes” quest has been expanded and now can directly influence your duel with the Sheriff, changing some of the Sheriff’s starting equipment and making the fight either easier or harder.
11. “The Woods and the Goddess” quest has been reworked completely.
12. Two new boss fights with completely new characters have been added.
13. Aventail now has a proper visual model when player puts it on.
14. Some of AI movesets have been changed.
15. Slightly decreased poison spawn chance for a lot of enemies.
16. Fixed a lot of various bugs, typos and minor issues.

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